The Second to Last Airbender


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The Second to Last Airbenderle Lun 22 Avr 2019, 13:34
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- Statut du RP : ouvert aux incrustations surprises (2 max)
- Tour de jeu : Sip - ? - ?
- Délai maximum d'attente de réponse : (avant de sauter le tour) une semaine
- Sauts de tours : 2
- Autre : RP anglais, situé dans le contexte d'Avatar : Le Dernier Maître de l'Air. Une certaine connaissance du contexte est requise. Les personnages sont nés dans l'une des trois civilisations (feu, terre, eau), mais ne sont pas nécessairement maître d'un des éléments. L'histoire se déroule à Si Dao, un port bien fréquenté dans le Royaume de la Terre en 100 AG (After Air Nomad Genocide, le début de la guerre).

Ps : Oui, j'ai copié-collé puis adapté depuis l'autre sujet par fainéantise  kissy
Pps : Si jamais vous en avez marre de l'anglais, vous pouvez toujours passer au français, hein. On fait c'qu'on veut ici.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished...

The events which transpired nearly a century ago were so far removed from Emmett's personal life that they were but a blip in the grand scheme of things. As the head of large trading company, Emmett had bigger worries. The war had been good for business and his was thriving. As befits a man of his stature, Emmett had bought a nice enough mansion in the port where most of his business went down. Communications over the continent were too slow to allow for quick and immediate action, and Emmett preferred to keep his management hands-on. Being here was an absolute necessity.

As he was walking towards the docks to inspect the new cargo on the incoming ships, a teenage boy came running up to him. When he spoke, he was slightly out of breath.

Here are the reports you requested, master, he said as he handed him a few scrolls of parchment paper.
Ah, yes. Thank you, Sohan. Emmett gave him two silver coins for his troubles, then sent him on his way and carefully slid the scrolls in the travel bag he carried on his hip. He'd check it out later. His priority was getting to the docks right now. To get there, he'd have to pass by the market first — always a very busy place this early in the morning.

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Re: The Second to Last Airbenderle Mar 27 Aoû 2019, 12:55
Earth folks did not act and stayed silent. Varsha was a bit upset but the woman and her boy were helping her. Meanwhile, the helpless man ran, good new, he's neither a bender nor helpful. Only two and half benders against six firebenders is already lost even if the two and half benders are masters. ”Let’s flee by the sea! I can take a ship.” That’s an idea! If Earthbender did not feel bad on water. Varsha made a huge ice sledge and got on it.